To meet customers' expectations we have decided to implement comprehensive fiber optic welding services.

Contact: orders@ip-sa.pl

The scope of our business includes:

WELDING OF FIBERS We specialize in both single mode and multimode fiber optics. We have a Fitel S175 welder. The equipment we have at our disposal guarantees a very high level of performance that meets all standards adopted in fiber optic technology. For each weld on request, we can measure the attenuation.

MEASUREMENT OF FIBERS We certification and reflectometric measurement of the optical fibers reflectometer ANRITSU MW-9070B. Attenuation measurements are made during welding of fibers but we also measure existing fiber optic lines. We measure the fibers in the bands of 1310 nm to 1550 nm.

Equipment List:

  • Fiber Optic Welder: FITEL S175
  • Reflectometer: Anritsu MW9070B
  • Optical power meters:
    Light source: KD OPTICS
    Power Meter: KD OPTICS
  • Optical Power Meter: NOYES
  • Cutter knife: Fujikura CT-30A
  • Reflector: Anritsu MW9070B
  • Visible EXFO fiber identification laser

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