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!!EdgeRouter X SFP

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__EdgeRouter X__ is a part of the __EdgeMAX__ platform. The __EdgeRouter X__ combines carrier-class reliability with excellent price-to-performance value in an ultra-compact form factor.\\
Router is powered by an external power adapter. The five Gigabit RJ45 ports support 24V passive PoE output for __airMAX__ or __UniFi devices__, while its SFP port provides fiber connectivity to support backhaul applications.\\
Powered by a proprietary and intuitive graphical interface, __EdgeOS__, every __EdgeRouter X__ can easily be configured for the routing, security,
and management features required to efficiently run your network. For advanced network professionals, an integrated CLI is available for quick and direct access using familiar commands.\\
__Main features__\\
__EdgeOS__ is a sophisticated operating system with robust features, including:
*VLAN interfaces for network segmentation
*Static routes and support of routing protocols: OSPF, RIP, and BGP
*Firewall policies and NAT rules
*DHCP services
*Quality of Service (QoS)
*Network administration and monitoring tools
*Administrator and operator accounts
*Comprehensive IPv6 support
*Power supply for other devices via all eth ports - maximum power consumption is 50W

[{Image src='edgeOS1.png' alt='Ubiquiti EdgeOS system overview' width='500px'}]
[{Image src='edgeOS2.png' alt='Ubiquiti EdgeOS routing table' width='500px'}]
[{Image src='edgeOS3.png' alt='Ubiquiti EdgeOS CLI' width='500px'}]

[Technical specification of EdgeRouter X | EdgeRouter_X.pdf]



|Dimensions| 142 × 75 × 23 mm
|Weight| 215 g
|Power input| 24VDC, 2.5A - power adapter included
|Button| Reset
|Processor |Dual-Core 880 MHz,  MIPS1004Kc
|System Memory| 256 MB DDR3 RAM
|Code Storage (Flash)| 256 MB
|Certifications| CE, FCC, IC
|Wall-Mount| Tak
|Operating Temperature| -10 do 45°C
|Operating Humidity| 90% Noncondensing


|Interface/Encapsulation| Ethernet\\802.1q VLAN\\PPPoE\\GRE\\IP in IP\\Bridging\\Bonding (802.3ad)
|Addressing|Static IPv4/IPv6 Addressing\\DHCP/DHCPv6
|Routing| Static Routes\\OSPF/OSPFv3\\RIP/RIPng\\BGP (with IPv6 Support)\\IGMP Proxy
|Security| ACL-Based Firewall\\Zone-Based Firewall\\NAT
|VPN| IPSec Site-to-Site and Remote Access\\OpenVPN Site-to-Site and Remote Access\\PPTP Remote Access\\L2TP Remote Access\\PPTP Client
|Services| DHCP/DHCPv6 Server\\DHCP/DHCPv6 Relay\\Dynamic DNS\\DNS Forwarding\\VRRP\\RADIUS Client\\Web Caching
|QoS| FIFO\\Stochastic Fairness Queueing\\Random Early Detection\\Token Bucket Filter\\Deficit Round Robin\\Hierarchical Token Bucket\\Ingress Policing
|Management| Web UI\\CLI (Console, SSH, Telnet)\\SNMP\\NetFlow\\LLDP\\NTP\\UBNT Discovery Protocol\\Logging