!!!Try&Buy Program

[{Image src='http://pliki.interprojekt.pl/wiki/attach/TryAndBuy/try%26buy.png' alt='Try&Buy Program' align='right'}]

Product marked with this sign can be returned within one month from the purchase date. This program gives you opportunity to test the equipment you're unsure it meets your requirements.

In case you will decide to return the product we will credit it's whole purchase value to your account.

*only products with "Try&Buy" icon are eligible for Try&Buy program
*items can be returned within one month from a purchase date without giving a reason (however feedback is very appreciate)
*items you want to return have to be fully functional, not damaged and packed with original box/packaging
*return of the product have to be done through our RMA system
*purchase value of the returned product will be credited to your account