RouterBoard RB912UAG-5HPnD

The RB912 is a small wireless router with an integrated high power wireless card and an additional miniPCIe slot for 802.11 wireless, or 3G card. The Gigabit port helps to utilize the full potential of 802.11n wireless speeds

The integrated wireless card is capable of up to 1000mW output power. It has built in 16kV ESD protection on both the Ethernet and the MMCX ports.

Features :#

  • CPU Atheros AR9342 600MHz
  • 64 MB SDRAM
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Operating System MikroTik RoterOS Level4 license
  • 1x mPCI-e expansion slot
  • 1x SIM card slot for 3G connectivity

Radio specification
TX/RX at MCS0 30dBm / -96dBm
TX/RX at MCS7 24dBm / -78dBm
TX/RX at 6Mbit 30dBm / -96dBm
TX/RX at 54Mbit 27dBm / -80dBm
Frequency range 4900-5920MHz

Specification :#

Features 1 Ethernet, 1 miniPCIe, USB, Additional memory,
Gigabit, High power, Dual chain
CPU Atheros AR9342 600MHz network processor
Memory 64MB DDR2 onboard memory
Data storage onboard NAND memory chip
Ethernet One Gigabit port with Auto-MDI/X
Wireless Built in 5GHz AR9283 802.11a/n,
2x MMCX connectors
Extras reset, beeper, signal and status LEDs, SIM slot (requires 3g miniPCIe card)
Expansion miniPCIe slot for 802.11 or 3G (using 3G disables the USB port), USB 2.0 port
Power options PoE: 8-30V DC on Ether1 (Non 802.3af).
Dimensions 105×105mm; Weight: 67g
Max power consumption 14W at 24V
OS MikroTik RouterOS, Level4 license (supports wireless AP mode)

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