RadioOS BIS#


RadioOS Bis#

RadioOS Bis is a software for wireless, point-to-point data transmission using dual 802.11a radio. It may be used with dedicated hardware platforms, eg. RouterBOARD RB433.

RadioOS Bis uses Frequency-Division Duplex (FDD) which divides communication into two radio interfaces operating on different frequencies. One of the radios is used exclusively for transmission, while the other one is used only for reception. Necessity of having a carrier multiple access control mechanism is eliminated. Thus, it is possible to achieve real, effective transmission speeds close to so-called raw radio bitrate speeds.

Installation guide(info)


Measured performance of RadioOS Prime system installed on RB411AH platform.

Ethernet throughput FTP throughput
Half-Duplex 97 Mbps 92 Mbps
Full-Duplex 97 Mbps 84 Mbps
Aggregated 194 Mbps 168 Mbps


  • radio frequency selection in range of 4.9GHz - 6.1GHz with 5MHz step
  • 4 channel widths: 5Mhz, 10MHz, 20MHz, 40MHz
  • support for different channel widths on each radio
  • link throughput is not dependent on link distance (it depends on signal quality)
  • automatic selection of modulation, transmit power and radio frame length
  • automatic AES-CCMP encryption of transmission
  • enforce strict order of Ethernet frames or allow reordering
  • interactive WWW interface
  • console interface available through SSH protocol
  • works as a fully transparent Ethernet bridge
  • supports management through VLAN
  • STP (IEEE 802.1D) support
  • fully translated to English and Polish

Radio gear#

RadioOS supports IEEE 802.11a radio modules based on Atheros chipsets. In particular, it can work with:

  • AR5414 - eg. Ubiquiti XR5, UB5
  • AR5213 - eg. Wistron CM9, Ubiquiti SR5

For proper usage, either two single-polarized antennas are required or one dual-polarized antenna may be used. In first case two antennas need to be separated from each other as far as possible (at least 2 meters). For a dual-polarized antenna, it must have at least 40dB of port-to-port separation. It is recommended to use quality products of renown vendors, like MTI, Mars, Jirous, Cyberbajt (DishEter Duo 23 and DishEter Duo 28).

Take special care about antenna alignment.

Hardware platforms supported by RadioOS#

RadioOS Prime RadioOS Bis
RouterBOARD RB411 yes.png no.png
RouterBOARD RB411AH top.png no.png
RouterBOARD RB433 yes.png yes.png
RouterBOARD RB433AH top.png top.png

top.png platform recommended due to processor performance
yes.png supported platform
no.png unsupported platform

Installation and registration of RadioOS#

Below a step-by-step instruction of RadioOS installation and registration in ASN Online is provided. After going through all steps, hardware platform and software is ready for further configuration.

RadioOS installation and registration guide(info)

Screenshot gallery#

RadioOS RadioOS

RadioOS RadioOS

RadioOS RadioOS


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