OPTIX kabel Aramid Z-XOTKtcdD: central loose tube construction (20kg/km), great flexibility and durability for dragging, diameter: ~5.5mm, gel and construction for water blocking (WB), HDPE jacket, resistance to UV radiation, temperature range -40C – 70C, 2 reinforced FRP rod (Φ 0,4 mm) or ARP rod and it was reinforced by aramid yarns , fully dielectric, equivalent : Aramid Z-XOTKtcdD. Maximum installation tension: 1200N.

Cable Systems is based on Optical Fiber Cable Color Coding. Tube containing up to 24 optical fibers filled hydrophobic jelly. The center of cable is protected against the ingress of water through moisture wicking fibers. In HDPE coat was fitted two rods: ARP or FRP to provide better structural strength. The cable is further enhanced by aramid yarns. Fiber optic cable was fitted in ripcord - a thin but very strong thread embedded just below the cable jacket. The cables are designed for installation in the primary and secondary, teletechnical canalization by pneumatic methods (cable blowing) and mechanical (cable jetting), and for aerial installation on span to 80 meters.

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