OPTIX-S-QOTKSDD-4J is universal, self-supporting fiber optic cable adjusted to use outdoor and indoor. It`s reinforced with fiber aramid. The product outstands with grand pliability and resistance to dragging. The covering is resistant to radiation UV and totally dielectric. The G.657A2 fiber were applied. The cable provides easy conduction and installation, it`s being selled on comfortable, rotating reels. The oprical fiber was designed for aerial installation with bays of 80-100m and installations in primal and secondary teletechnical canalistation.

Recommended handle for this cable is PA-FTTX-FISH


Key features:

  • Light one-tube design
  • External diameter 3,0mm
  • High density and high resistance for tensile strength
  • Fiber type: G.657A2
  • Bending radius - 7.5 mm
  • PU coating, UV resistance
  • Temperature range -20 to 60 ° C
  • Completely dielectric
  • Maximum tension: 800N

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