OPTIC-SFP-S1205-L3320-LC - Single mode WDM SFP module#

OPTIC-SFP-S1205-L3320-LC - Single mode WDM SFP module#

Optical transciver module SFP 1.25Gbps, LC SM, 20km, BIDI WDM, TX1550/RX1310#

SFP transceiver is a plug-in module and it is hot-swappable. It allows for seamless integration of fiber with copper LAN connections wherever SFP interface slots are available

Important features :#

  • Singlemode application for optical connection up to 20km range on a single fibre core
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Up to 1.25Gbps bi-directional data links
  • LC connector

Technical specification :#

Fiber/Cable Type Single-Mode Fiber
Connector LC Connector
Module Type SFP
Reach 20 km
Color Code Yellow
Wavelength TX: 1550nm / RX: 1310nm

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