Universal Holder#

This bracket is end of life. The manufacturer released two new brackets for replacing: NB-NSM for Nanostation-M devices and NB-LOCO-M for Nanostation-Loco-M devices.

NanoBracket is ingenious mounting kit that enables simple, safe and fast installation of NanoStation and other devices on wall or pole.

NanoBracket is a holder developed especially for the popular Wireless CPE NanoStation from Ubiquiti Networks, StationBox from RF elements and wide range of other devices. anoBracket holder enables installation of the Device on wall or pole. It is possible to set the device to any direction in 90° range by using NanoBracket. This possibility is enabled by ball hinge. NanoBracket is made of the highest quality UV stabilized durable ABS plastic. Its material and color match perfectly with the NanoStation and StationBox, therefore the device and the NanoBracket look like one entity after mounting


NanoBracket Universal contains#


Body A (1)
suitable for:
UBNT NanoStation M5, UBNT NanoStation M2
UBNT NanoStation 5, UBNT NanoStation 2
AirLive Airmax 5, AirLive Airmax 2
RF elements StationBox
Body B (2)
suitable for:
UBNT NanoStation 5 LOCO
UBNT NanoStation 2 LOCO
UBNT NanoStation Loco M5
UBNT NanoStation Loco M2
RF elements StationBox Mikro

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