NBE-5AC-19-NBEAM - Ubiquiti NanoBeam 5AC-19 with NanoBracket NBEAM19#

UBNT-NBE-5AC-19 is the NanoBeam series device (NanoBridge series successor). NanoBeam-5AC-19 is a complete radio system 802.11ac working on 5GHz band. Due to improved construction it focuses power of radio system in narrower beam and prevents interference of other devices and networks - this is especially important in areas where there is a high noisiness. The device's antenna have a 19dBi gain. The device is equipped in an integrated radio module with up to 26dBm power and one Ethernet 10/100/1000mbps port. It allows to obtain a real throughput of TCP/IP up to 450Mbps. The device is powered by passive Gigabit PoE (power adapter included).


NanoBracket® for NBE-M5-19 is 2nd Generation mounting system for 5GHz/19dBi NanoBeam® CPE from UBNT. This NanoBracket® has a solid base made of die cast aluminum and allows for 140° of smooth and precise adjustment in azimuth, elevation and rotation using our original ball hinge. Large mounting surface and all stainless steel hardware make the overall robustness of the bracket SOLID.

Technical data:#

Ubiquiti NanoBeam 5AC-19
Processor Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 720 MHz
Memory 128 MB DDR2, 8 MB Flash
Network interfaces 1 X 10/100/1000mbps Ethernet
Operating frequency 5150 - 5875MHz
Maximum gain 26dBm
Maximum power consumption 8 W
Power supply and method 24V, 0.5A GigE PoE
Dimensions 189 x 189 x 125 mm
Weight without case: 0.530 kg
Wireless Approvals FCC, IC, CE
RoHS Compliance Tak
Operating temperature -40 to 70° C
Operating humidity 5 do 95% (noncondensing)
Max. VSWR 1,5:1
Gain 19dBi
NanoBracket NBEAM19
Materials Bracket - UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic
Holder - ADC 12
Hardware - Stainless Steel
Flame Rating UL 94 HB
Pole Mounting Diameter 50-70 mm
Wall Mounting Yes
Operating Temp. -30 to + 60 °C
Wind Survival 120 km/h
Weight 0.3 kg / 0.68 lbs - single unit incl. package

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