MARS Antena sektorowa MARS-MA-WD55-16

MARS-MA-WD55-16 MARS 90° Broadband Sector (Base Station) Antenna provides a cost effective solution for large scale WLL, WLAN, H-LAN, ISM, UNII, Public Safety, Municipal MESH Networks and Point-to-Multi-Point applications.

Additional Features :#

  • stable performance with 16 dBi of gain
  • small size allowing for easy blending with any environment
  • tilt mount allowing for quick and easy installation
  • UV protected radome suitable for harsh environment installations

Type Sector
Frequency Range 4.9 - 6.1 GHz
Gain 16 dBi
VSWR 1.8 (max)
Input Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization Linear Vertical
Vertical Beam
Horizontal Beam 90°
Lightning Protection DC Grounded
Operating Temperature Range -40° C to +65°C
Dimensions 573 x 95 x 53 mm
Weight 0,7 kg
Connector N-Type, Female
Radome UV Protected, Plastic
Mount MNT-22
Wind Load 200 km/h (survival)

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