Mantar przełącznica światłowodowa naścienna
MAN-PSN-A wall Fiber Enclosure

Key features:

  • Cassette dedicated to the assembly at the Subscriber as an access point
  • Element terminating a fiber optic network designed for wall mounting.
  • Slot cover closed with knurled screw
  • Dedicated space for splice tray for 12 casings
  • Supports 1 Adapter SC Duplex
  • Material: sheet metal body 1,50mm / 1,00mm cover
  • Includes a Pg-9 for cable attenuation in the range of 4-8mm

Length 240 mm
Width 110 mm
Depth 24 mm
Weight 0.05kg

Mantar przełącznica światłowodowa naścienna
Mantar przełącznica światłowodowa naścienna

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