Jirous JRC-29DD DuplEX - N-female#

Antena Paraboliczna Jirous JRC-29DD DuplEX

Dual-polarized parabolic antenna JRC-29DD DuplEX is designed for directional links with full-duplex mode or MIMO mode at the frequency band 5 GHz with high isolation level. The antenna is designed for long and medium distances in difficult conditions. Its design with deep dish increases isolation among antennas on a mast increases front to back ratio.
The antenna can be used in combination with an outdoor metal box JR-350 Alu for AP, RouterBOARDs and other electronics. Mount the antenna has separate latching nuts for easy mounting and adjustment of the azimuth and elevation. Right and left side mounting is possible.

Important features:

  • Dual polarization, vertical and horizontal
  • Polarization separation 50 dB
  • Only one antenna instead of two
  • High front to back ratio 49dB
  • Directional connection for medium distance, and low distance in heavy conditions
  • Adjustment mounting kit
  • Outdoor usage
  • Separation and VSWR is controlled on every production step.
  • Plastic cover
  • Price for 2 antennas

Technical Specifications

Frequency range 4.9 – 6.1 GHz
Gain 29.0 ± 1 dBi
VSWR <1.6
Polarization Liniowy, pionowy / poziomy lub 45
Beamwidth 5.5°
Port to port isolation ≥ 50 dB
Front to Back ratio ≥ 49 dB
Parabola Ø 680 mm, Aluminium alloy
Radome UV steady plastic ABS
Type of connector 2x N-female
Installation for mast 27 - 74 mm
Weight of antenna 6.8 kg

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