ISCOM2109A-MA Managed L2 Ethernet Switch#


ISCOM1024E is Raisecom new cost-efficient manageable layer-2 Ethernet Switch for multidwelling access, deploying at the forefront of service delivery for the simple reason that more customers can be reached with a relatively smaller investment.
ISCOM1024E implements with industry leading functionalities such as port-based rate-limiting, IEEE802.3x flow control, port-based VLAN, IEEE802.1q VLAN, Loop back detection, IGMP Snooping, broadcast packet filtering and etc. Differentiated services can be supported through port-based CoS, layer-2 and layer-3 classification to four queues forwarding according to IEEE802.1p, DSCP and IP Precedence schemes, enabling a cost-efficient, intelligent and manageable multiple dwelling access.

Forwarding mode Store-and-forward
Max frame size 1552Bytes
Port rate limiting Based on ingress and egress of each port, 8 levels: (128K, 256K, 512K, 1M, 2M, 4M, 8M and 100M)
Storm control Broadcast storm filtering
Port loopback detection In case a port is connected to a loop circuit, the port will be shut down by Switch automatically; when the loop circuit unchains, the port will recover automatically. This function is configurable.
Multicast IGMP Snooping MAC address table IEEE802.1D standard address learning
8K MAC address
Flow control IEEE802.3x in full duplex, back pressure in half duplex
VLAN Port-based VLAN
IEEE802.1Q, 32 VLAN ID
Configuration Menu Operation Interface
Help language English/Chinese
Management Local Console Management through Menu Operation Interface
QoS Up to 2 output queues
Support IEEE802.1p and DSCP classification
Port-based CoS
Link aggregation Support 6 trunk groups
There can be 4 ports in each trunk group
Mirror Support one-to-multi port mirror Support separately mirroring of ingress traffic and egress traffic
Performance Capacity Switching fabric 4.8Gbps
160KB Switch buffer
8K MAC address
Management port 1 console (RJ45)
Serial port configuration 9600bps/8bit/none parity/1stop bit/none flow control
Port specification 10BaseT (RJ45, Cat3/Cat4/Cat5 UTP)
100BaseT (RJ45, Cat5 UTP)
Fixed port 24 (10/100BaseT)
Indicators Power Supply System (flashing)
Indicators for each port FDX LNK/ACT 10/100M
Dimension 440(W)*120(D)*43.6(H)mm
Weight 1.6KG
Power supply AC: 90~264V, 47~63Hz
0.3A(120V), 0.15A(230V)
Power consumption ≤ 10W (at max load)
Working ambience Temp: 0~45 centigrade
RH: 20~90% non-condensing
Storage ambience Temp: -25~85 centigrade
RH: 20~90% non-condensing
Standards & protocols IEEE802.3x full duplex on
10BaseT, 100BaseTX
IEEE802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE802.1p CoS Prioritization
IEEE802.3 10BaseT
IEEE802.3u 100BaseTX

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