Interline Panel Antenna 3.5GHz 18dBi

Directional Panel Antenna#

PANEL is a directional, subscriber antenna. It can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. Antenna's radiator is a precise designed printed circuit board element. Module design assures perfect fitting what guarantee reliable performance in all weather conditions and constant high production quality.


  • Modular design assures constant mechanical and electrical parameters
  • Lacquered patch matrix guarantee reliable performance in all weather conditions
  • Elegance and discreet super slim ABS radome
  • Tilting option enables optimal aiming
  • Works in horizontal or vertical polarization

Frequency 3400-3800MHz
Gain 18 dBi
VSWR < 1.5
Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization Vertical or horizontal
Vertical beam 20°
Horizontal Beam 20°
Dimensions 312mm x 312mm x 15mm
Weight 1.7 kg
Connector N-female

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