Interline INT-SEC-17-5X-HH#

Antena Sektorowa Interline 5GHz 17dBi

New sector antenna for base stations in the MIMO technology developed for use with radio equipment operating in the 802.11n standard that use MIMO technology. Antenna has two connectors, are relatively light and compact allowing you to save space on the mast.


  • 2 integrated antennas - allow to use 802.11n to increase the theoretical bandwidth up to 300Mbps
  • patch matrix lacquered - reliable performance in all weather conditions
  • The antenna is extremely small and lightweight.
  • MicroStrip type antenna's radiator.
  • Modular construction ensures reliable operation in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Coverage segmentation allows more user to be served in single base station location.
  • Antenna mount has the ability to tilt which allows optimization of coverage and discrimination against foreign interference in the network.
  • Mount with an option to control the horizontal and vertical planes provides optimized antenna aiming.

product code INT-SEC-17/5X-HH
frequency 5150-5850MHz
gain 17dBi
VSWR (max) 2.0
polarization horizontal horizontal
beamwidth (-3dB) horizontal 60°
beamwidth (-3dB) vertical 6°
beamwidth (-10dB) horizontal 134°
beamwidth (-10dB) vertical 25°
front to back ratio > 24dB
cross polarization > 27dB
port to port separation > 37dB
impedance 50Ω
lighting protection shorted for DC

Antena Sektorowa Interline 5GHz 17dBi

VSWR Antena Sektorowa Interline 5GHz 17dBi

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