GW Delight GFA6900 Optical Line Terminal

EasyPath GFA6900 is EPON series GEPON OLT equipment with card plugging design. It provides 144 GEPON optical ports and connects 9216 remote ONUs at most. It provides GE optical/electrical and 10GE optical uplink ports. EasyPath GFA6900 with rack design is convenient and flexile for extending and upgrading service. EasyPath GFA6900 can be applied to access solutions of FTTB/FTTP/ FTTH.

EasyPath GFA6900 works with remote EasyPath GT8xx Series products ONU can build the PON network through the connection of the fiber and the ODN (optical distribution network). EasyPath GFA6900 system can improve resource utilization of carrier basic network. It can provide broadband data service, traditional voice/VoIP service, CATV/IPTV service to realize FTTB, FTTP and FTTH optical access solution.

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Product highlights:

  • up to 12 service modules (PON or uplink cards)
  • up to 2 (1+1 redundancy) main switching boards
  • up to 2 power suply modules
  • 10Gbps uplink module support
  • In-band and out-of-band management
  • 176Gbps of switch capacity


GFA 6900 application example
GFA 6900 application example

List of available modules:

GFA6900 13U OLT chassis
GFA6900-PWU-A0 Power supply module, DC-48V, support 1+1 backup
GFA6900-PWU220-A0 Power supply module, AC220V to DC-48V, support 1+1 backup
GFA6900-FAN-A0 Fan module,up to 3 modules
GFA6900-SW-A0 Switch module, support 1+1 backup, 32K MAC
GFA6900-SW-B0 Switch module, support 1+1 backup, 512K MAC
GFA6900-10GE-A0 Uplink module, 1*10GE+2*GE(optical interface)+2*GE(Combo interface), XFP interface,
it should need 10GE optical module with XFP encapsulation
GFA6900-4GE-A0 Uplink module, 4*GE(Combo interface)
GFA6900-8GE-A0 Uplink module, 8*GE(Combo interface)
GFA6900-4EPON-A0 Service module, 4*EPON interface, SFP interface, (SFP EPON module should be configured)
GFA6900-8EPON-A0 Service module, 8*EPON interface, SFP interface(SFP EPON module should be configured)
GFA6900-12EPON-A0 Service module, 12*EPON interface, SFP interface(SFP EPON module should be configured)
+4*GE(2*10/100/1000ETH interface+2*GE combo interface)

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