Dual polarization antena Gold WiFi SADD56028-DP

Gold WiFi SADD56028-DP is a dual polarization dish antenna for 5GHz band. It is a perfect solution for high throughput 802.11n MIMO links. High 28dBi gain and low VSWR makes the 5 GHz wireless link very stable. The antenna is equipped with two N-female connectors and reliable mounting bracket for masts with 50-65mm diameter


  • Parabolic Dual Polarization
  • Perfect for 802.11n links
  • Gain 28 dBi
  • Frequency 4900 - 5850 MHz


  • Point to Point links
  • Wireless bridges or distant client stations

Type Parabolic, dual polarization
Frequency 4900 - 5850 MHz
Gain 28 dBi
Cross polarization >28dB
VSWR < 2,0
Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization Vertical and horizontal
Max power 100W
Horizontal beam
Vertical beam
Front to back ratio >35 dB
Temperature range -40°C~+60°C
Dimensions diameter 60 cm
Weight 5.5 kg
Connector 2x N-female
Material Steel
Mast diameter 50-65mm
Wind load 60 m/s

VSWR Gold WiFi SADD56028

VSWR Gold WiFi SADD56028

Gold WiFi SADD56028
Gold WiFi SADD56028

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