Custom Fiber Optic Cables#

All our Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies are custom made in Poland at the time of your order, are made to your exact pecifications, and come with test results. These assemblies can be ordered in either indoor or outdoor variations, and in 2, 4, 6, 12 or 24 strand fiber counts, in multi-mode or single-mode

To order your Custom Fiber Optic Cable please send send an inquiry to: including the following informations:

1. Cable type:

  • single-mode
  • multi-mode

2. Cable Application

  • indoor
  • outdoor
  • universal (indoor/outdoor)
3. Fiber Type:
  • OM1 - fiber optic multi-mode fiber 62.5 / 125 for small to medium distances.
  • OM2 - fiber optic multi-mode fiber 50/125 used commonly for transmission to 2km.
  • OM3 - 50/125 multi-mode fiber optic fiber for data transfer at 40Gb
  • G.657D - fiber optic single-mode 9/125, optimized for 1310 / 1550nm transmission, bending radius min 30mm.
  • G.657A1 - single-mode fiber 9/125, with a minimum bending radius of 15mm
  • G.657A2 - single-mode fiber 9/125 with minimized bending radius min 7mm

4.Number of fiber strands and Connector type:

  • LC/UPC
  • SC/UPC
  • ST/UPC
  • FC/UPC
  • LC/APC
  • SC/APC

5. Cable lenght (m)

  • any other length

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