Phicomm/Feixun OLT FP6400-II#

Feixun OLT FP6400-II

Feixun FP6400-II is a OLT (Optical Line Terminal) device, working in a passive optical network. It is designed for telecom operators and enterprise consumer to deliver 1Gbps of service broad band connections to the end user, enabling a wide range service and applications.

FP6400-II can work with up to 8 EPON ports. Each of them supporting a maximum of 64 split ratios, which gives you max. 512 connected ONUs at one time! Maximal distance between OLT and ONU is 20km.


  • 2x PON card slot (each card supports 4 PON ports)
  • Support up to 8 PON port, which gives max. 512 connected ONUs
  • 1U height
  • Provides 1Gbps up and down stream PON transmission rate, ensuring the maximum bandwidth for data and video traffic
  • IGMP Snooping ensures the utilization of network infrastructure
  • Multicast VLAN support
  • Max. distance up to 20km
  • Easy to install and flexible

Technical parameters:#

Model FP6400-II
Ports 4x mixed GE ports
1x management port (RJ45)
1x console port (RJ45)
1x COM port
Expansion slots 2 PON service slots
PON features 1Gbps up and down bandwidth
Network coverage: 20Km
Support 802.3.ah
Authentication: ONU authentication
Each PON port supporting a maximum of 64 split ratios
Single-mode optical fiber
SC connectors
Two separate wavelengths - 1310nm and 1490nm
Dimensions (W×D×H) 482,6 mm x 275.0 mm x 43.6mm
Power Input: AC, 110/220V or DC, -48V (-36V -72V DC)
Consumption 100W
Temperature Operating Temperature: -5 - +45 C
Storage Temperature: -40 - +75 C
Humidity Humidity: 5% do 90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Humidity: 75%
802.1q support
IPv4 TOS support
VLAN 4094 VLANs (802.1q)
Multicast IGMP Snooping
IGMP Proxy
QinQ QinQ support
ACL Based on various types of protocols,source / destination IP, source / destination TCP / UDP port number
Management Remote management, remote upgrades, CLI support

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