Dynamode DM-TT100-WDM-SC-1550#

Dynamode DM-TT100-WDM-SC-1550 is a Gigabit Ethernet 100Base-TX to Fiber 100Base-FX converter. It converts electrical signal from 100Base-TX side into optical signal at 100Base-FX side and vice versa. These media converters are the simplest way to interconnect any equipment`s 100Base-TX port to the 100Base-FX interface networks for extended distance coverage.

The device is designed to work with DM-TT100-WDM-SC-1310

Key Features:#

  • Compatible with standards IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-TX i IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-FX
  • Maximum distance up to 20km
  • SC connector
  • Wave Length 1550nm
  • Metal cover
  • Single-mode WDM


Interfaces 1x RJ-45 Interface, 100Mbps
1x Fiber Interface, 100Mbps
Standards IEEE 802.3ab 100BASE-TX, IEEE 802.3z 100BASE-FX
Data Transfer Rate 100Mbps
LED PWR (Power), FX-LK (Fiber Link)
TP-LK (TP Link), ACT (TP Active)
Switching mode Store-and-forward
Fiber Mode Single-Mode
Fiber Cable Distance 20km
Power AC 100-240V 0.3A(Max) 50-60Hz
Internal Power Supply DC 9V 1A
Ambient Temperature 0 to 40℃
Humidity 5-90% RH
Certificates CE/FCC
Dynamode konwerter DM-TT100-WDM-SC-1550

Dynamode konwerter DM-TT100-WDM-SC-1550

Dynamode konwerter DM-TT100-WDM-SC-1550

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