Coaxial Cable CATlink CL-H155C. The cable is sold in the quantities: 100m

Electrical Specification
Capacitance 84pF/m
Shielding Effectiveness 30-1000MHz >80dB
Resistance, Outer Conductor 16Ohm/km
Impedance 50 +/- 3Ohm
Attenuation at frequency:
Attenuation - 10MHz 2,3dB/100m
Attenuation - 50MHz 6,3dB/100m
Attenuation - 100MHz 9,1dB/100m
Attenuation - 230MHz 14,3dB/100m
Attenuation - 300MHz 16,1dB/100m
Attenuation - 400MHz 19,2dB/100m
Attenuation - 470MHz 20,5dB/100m
Attenuation - 860MHz 28,7dB/100m
Attenuation - 1000MHz 31,0dB/100m
Attenuation - 1350MHz 36,5dB/100m
Attenuation - 1750MHz 41,7dB/100m
Attenuation - 2050MHz 45,4dB/100m
Material specification
Minimum Bend Radius 35mm
Weight 55g/m
Kable koncentryczny CATLINK H155C

Kable koncentryczny CATLINK H155C

Kable koncentryczny CATLINK H155C

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