AccoNet Gold 20dBi 5GHz IP66 Antenna

Client Station Acconet Gold is a set for Wireless Internet Providers which consists of a Panel Antena integrated with a high quality enclosure and powerful MikroTik RouterBoard RB411 working under RouterOS system. This solution enables WISP/Integrator to design his own low cost, weatherized subscriber unit, saving high costs of special antenna-radio integration. Acconet Gold is a multi-purpose enclosure with an integrated 20dBi 5GHz antenna, specifically designed for harsh outdoor applications. The enclosure is completely weatherproof and has an IP66 outdoor rating against ingress of water or dust.

The set consists of :#

  • Acconet Gold enclosure with integrated 5GHz 20dBi panel antenna
  • 24V Power Supply Adaptor + POE Adapter
  • Pigtail U.FL./SMA-m Ultra Low Loss 20cm for connecting the internal antenna
  • Mounting brackets for masts with diameter of 35-60 mm.
  • Other necessary mounting parts


Electrical Specification#

Mechanical Specification#

Antena Type Panel antenna Temperature Range -20°C~+90°C
Frequency Range 5.4 - 5.7 GHz External Dimensions 280 x 265 x 95 mm
Gain 20 dBi Connector RP-SMA female
VSWR < 1.15 Material UV resistant ABS
Impedancce 50 Ohm
Polarization Vertical and horizontal
Vertical beam 18°
Horizontal beam 18°

AccoNet Gold 20dBi 5GHz IP66 Antenna

24VDC PoE Adapter

Input AC 100V - 240V
Outpu DC 24V
Maximium Load 0.8 A
Opeating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Operating Humiditi 0 - 80%
DC plug 2.1 x 5.5mm

RouterBoard 411

Processor Atheros AR7130 300 MHz
Memory 64 MB NAND, 32MB SDRAM
Ethernet 1 x 10/100Mbps
MiniPCI ports 1
Power Supply 10 28V DC
PoE 10 ~28V
System RouterOS V3 level 3
Serial port DB9 RS232C
Power Consumption ~3W without miniPCI modules, maximum 12 W
Dimensions 10.5 x 10.5cm (4.13 in x 4.13 in)
Extra Reset button, system speaker

Pigtail U.FL/SMA

WaterProof Ethernet RJ-45

WaterProof Ethernet RJ-45 assembled

AccoNet Antena 20dBi 5GHz IP66
AccoNet Antena 20dBi 5GHz IP66

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