Roof Mount Kit SM-RM-C and Tile Roof Accessory Kit SM-RM-T#

The Roof Mount Kit is the structural mount between the roof structure and the solar panel. The mount uses roof flashing to ensure a watertight roof connection. The Roof Mount Kit is intended for use on asphalt composite shingle roofs and as a base mount for tile roofs when used in conjunction with the Tile Roof Accessory Kit, model SM-RM-T.

The Tile Roof Accessory Kit includes the extra components needed when mounting the panel hardware on a tile roof. The kit can accommodate either flat or shaped tile by forming the upper flashing. Two roof flashings should be used (one above and one below the tile) to assure a watertight connection. This kit is used in conjunction with the SM-RM-C Roof Mount Kit.

Allowable Roof Slope 9.5° to 45°
Maximum Mount Span 1220 mm
Building Height < 18.3 m
Maximum Windspeed 240 km/h
Height Adjustability 0-21 mm
Component Materials Aluminum and steel
Component Finishes Black Coatings

Jumper Cable SM-JC-3C#

The Ubiquiti Networks sunMAX Jumper Cable connects power cables on panels from adjacent rows (portrait) or columns (landscape).


Dimensions 1275 mm
Weight 0.36 kg
Cable 12 AWG, 4-Conductor

Y-Cable Kit, Portrait SM-YC-P3#

The Ubiquiti Networks sunMAX Y-Cable (Portrait) connects panels and devices such as the Solar Gateway and Microinverter in a portrait-panel configuration.

Dimensions 1030 mm with 500 mm drop
(40.55" with 19.69" drop)
Weight 0.37 kg
Calbe 12 AWG, 4 Conductor

Y-Cable Kit, Landscape SM-YC-L3#

The Ubiquiti Networks sunMAX Y-Cable (Landscape) connects panels and devices such as the Solar Gateway and Microinverter in a landscape-panel configuration.


Dimensions 1688 mm with 920 mm drop
(66.46" with 36.22" drop)
Weight 0.68 kg
Cable 12 AWG, 4 Conductor

End Run Kit SM-EC-EU#

The End Run provides easy adaptation of cabling from the array to the electrical panel feeding the grid. It connects the open‑ended Y-cable in your solar array to the house-side wiring that feeds into the electrical panel on the outside of your home. The End Run Kit includes the End Run, a Cabling End Cap, and a Grounding Kit (stud and nut).


Dimensions 320 x 50 x 37 mm
Weight 0.2 kg

Cable Support Clips Kit SM-CC#

The Cable Support Clips hook and snap onto the solar panel’s edge from underneath to support and secure Jumper Cables and Y-Cables.


Dimensions 68 x 25 x 14 mm
Weight 5g

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